On Wednesday, King Willem-Alexander will pay a digital visit to NLvoorElkaar, one of the members of the community at TripleO Campus in Breda. NLvoorElaar is a platform where people can ask for help or offer help. The platform was widely used at the beginning of the corona crisis and became more widely known at that time. The digital visit of the King is a recognition of the hard work of the team of NLvoorElkaar in the past year.

In 2020, there were 93,000 online matches through the help platform. For example, help was requested with grocery shopping during corona time, neighborhood chores or requests for buddies to combat loneliness. During the first months of the corona crisis, the number of volunteers through the platform skyrocketed.

The Coronahulp platform of NLvoorElkaar was also promoted last year through the Kadans matchmaking platform. NLvoorElkaar is in fact part of the Kadans network and community at TripleO Campus.

Congratulations on this visit and recognition and keep up the good work!