The Eindhoven Institute for Renewable Energy Systems (EIRES) is moving into MMP on the TU/e Campus. A great expansion of the community in the building and the ecosystem of Kadans.

MMP is currently being renovated into a modern multi-tenant building that meets all the needs of the existing high-tech start-ups, knowledge-intensive companies and R&D organizations. With the renovation the building will also become a new home for various organizations, including EIRES.

EIRES is a brand new institute of the TU/e. In the institute, researchers from different faculties work together on the challenges surrounding the energy transition. The research is organized in four focus areas focused on sustainable heat, sustainable chemistry, the technology of sustainable energy systems and system integration. In these focus areas, partners from the industry or other knowledge institutes work together on specific systems that can accelerate the energy transition. Examples include a metal powder burner that can replace traditional gas burners, a heat battery to store heat in a household, or an electrolysis device to make hydrogen from green electricity.

“We are very happy to welcome EIRES to MMP. The institute is a valuable addition to the ecosystem in the building and on campus. Like Kadans, they attach great value to collaborations with other organizations and knowledge institutions. This way, we can continue to build a strong community in which meeting and cooperation is central,” says Pim van Os, Commercial Manager of Kadans Science Partner.

EIRES will therefore mainly use MMP as a place for meeting and collaboration. In doing so, they will also look beyond the research in EIRES alone. Everyone on campus who is involved in research on sustainable energy systems is welcome.

Mark Boneschanscher, Managing Director of EIRES, adds: “We see Kadans as a partner for organizing the community building in MMP. The renovation is an important step for us. Soon we will be in an MMP that is even more focused on meeting people than before. Together with Kadans, we are going to think about how we can make MMP even more attractive for the rest of the campus”.

With the renovation, the open character of MMP is emphasized with an open loft, its own catering facility and terrace, making it easier for meetings to take place. In addition, the users of the building will be able to use various services on top of the accommodation, such as meeting facilities, but also business and community events. For this purpose we also collaborate with other partners and organizations. This way, meetings with organizations outside MMP will be stimulated and the ecosystem will be built even further after the physical renovation.