PODIUM: Photonics Assembly Consortium

As a Key Enabling Technology, Integrated Photonics drives many relevant innovations. Packaging and integration are the key challenges in this domain. The Photonics Assembly consortium PODIUM combines electrical and optical package knowhow of its partners to speed up the process-development and prepare for high-volume production. With lab facilities of Joint Innovation Center CITC, new processes will be developed and optimized for and with customers. Using Tegema’s modular equipment platform, allowing integration of a wide range modules, enabling both research and production solutions. With ultra-high motion precision and active optical alignment modules and routines of PI. And the opportunity to transfer these processes to high-volume optical assembly services by PHIX. PODIUM combines the expertise and capabilities of the partners involved to speed up development and step up to low cost and high-volume photonics assembly production. PODIUM, a Pics Open Development Infrastructure for Universal Markets.