State-of-the-art buildings

The bedrock of a specialised asset is the building itself. The physical environment – comprised of the perfect mix of laboratories, office spaces and meeting facilities enables clients to connect with the right individuals, in the right organisations, at the right time.

Intrinsic to these extraordinary spaces is design that truly works for each individual tenant. Their exteriors may be eye-catching feats of architectural achievement. But their interiors are even more impressive. All tailored to provide the highest standard of practical and technical facilities to support your specific needs.

Working environments are comfortable and conducive to productivity and well-being, filled with natural light and clean air. Our newest developments are energy-neutral, using low-energy installations to limit energy consumption, as well as sustainable materials and circular construction practices during the build phase.

Inspiring spaces, occupied by inspirational people.


Kadans Science Partner works with great architects when designing our buildings. That way we create a building of international allure. With the shared facilities based in the heart of the building, the design acts as the connecting driver between users and visitors. The design contributes to knowledge sharing, synergy and communication between community members. Our buildings are true eyecatchers that also provide a comfortable work environment for their daily users.

Kadans Science Partner is committed to sustainability and recognises the importance of promoting a sustainable future for our planet. As a company who specialises in investing, developing and operating specialised assets, we aim to create environments that foster innovation while keeping sustainability as a top priority. We believe that incorporating sustainable practices in the design, construction, and operation of our buildings can make a significant impact on our environment. Therefore, at Kadans, we focus on developing sustainable buildings that are energy-efficient, promote the use of renewable energy sources, and reduce waste and emissions. One example of our sustainable practices is our focus on energy efficiency. We strive to reduce energy consumption in our buildings by employing state-of-the-art technologies such as LED lighting, efficient insulation, and building automation systems that regulate energy use. Another example is the use of renewable energy sources to power our buildings. In conclusion, Kadans Science Partner is devoted to sustainability, and we continuously strive to create the most sustainable buildings and communities possible. By promoting sustainable practices, we are not only contributing to a healthier planet, but we are also providing our clients with attractive and responsible choices for their business operations.

Sustainable and comfortable

Each of our latest projects meets high standards of sustainability measures, as evidenced by the BREEAM certificates our developments have earned. We reduce the impact on our environment from the start of construction by using sustainable materials and circular building practices. Our latest developments are energy-neutral and use energy-efficient installations to reduce primary energy consumption. We also ensure that our users have a comfortable working environment and the facilities they need at their fingertips.


Our specialised team is involved in the construction process from the initial ideas to the completion of the final details. We only partner with the best parties, who have extensive experience in constructing bespoke buildings and spaces for innovative companies. We deliver our buildings in a comprehensive casco+ state, after which we can take into account specific requirements, we do this in a fit-out process where we help design the users’ spaces. Because we are closely involved in every step of the process, we can realise our buildings quickly.

The Innovation Centre will provide flexible, fully serviced CL2 wet-lab laboratory spaces which can range in size from 200 sq ft to 5,000+ sq ft as well as office accommodation, ancillary meeting rooms and breakout space. The Innovation Centre also contains shared lab facilities, where leasing a single bench is also possible for organisations that don’t have a need for a big lab space yet. The Innovation Centre benefits from access to shared equipment facilities including autoclaves, glass wash, -80 freestanding freezer and on-floor LN2 storage as well as an in-house Lab Technician to support your growth.

R&D faciliteiten

Inmiddels hebben we jarenlange ervaring in het ontwikkelen van moderne werkruimtes met de hoogste technische normen. Onze technische experts kunnen meedenken in het ontwikkelen van specifieke oplossingen zoals open laboratoria en kantoren tot volledig ingerichte plug-and-play laboratoria. Daarnaast zijn er ook meer op maat gemaakte oplossingen mogelijk zoals cleanrooms en pilot plants. Door onze jarenlange ervaring zijn we ook in staat om deze gespecialiseerde investeringen door te vertalen naar huurproposities.

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