On Wageningen Campus, the development of Plus Ultra II, following the success of multi-tenant building Plus Ultra, is in full swing. The design of Plus Ultra II has now been awarded the BREEAM-NL EXCELLENT certificate for sustainability.

From the moment the first plans were made for Plus Ultra II, sustainability has been a prominent part. BREEAM is a way of designing, realizing and operating buildings using a sustainable approach within all aspects of the development. Plus Ultra II will be fitted with a full solar panel roof and intelligent air handling system, natural materials and primary utilities without fossil fuels. Therefore, the new building fits the green campus of Wageningen as well as the innovation ecosystem perfectly.

Plus Ultra II connects innovative businesses, start-ups, scale-ups and student starters working in the field of nutrition, agriculture, sustainability and health. The new four level building measures 10,500 m2. The building will physically be connected with the Plus Ultra community through a skybridge, creating one vibrant environment. The construction of Plus Ultra II reached its highest point in October.

Kadans aspires to partner with universities and organizations to create one strong knowledge-sharing ecosystem of science parks across Europe. Additionally, Kadans has the ambition to add more sustainable multi-tenant buildings to its international network in the near future.