Health Valley Event 2021 took place digitally on March 10 and 11. Kadans Science Partner was an official sponsor and on March 10 at 10.15 AM we had organized the session “Hammering down future pandemics”.

Kadans Science Partner has the mission to create and support innovation ecosystems. Backed by up-to-date knowledge and international experience, Kadans does this by offering tailor-made real estate solutions and giving our tenants access into innovation ecosystems. In doing so, Kadans optimizes the success of its tenants and stimulates innovation.

In our organized session “Hammering down future pandemics”, we gave our tenant Protinhi from the Novio Tech Campus a platform to talk about their innovations. Through such sessions, we give you a better understanding of the added value of the network of Kadans.

‘Hammering down future pandemics’

The current pandemic is not a new phenomenon and in the future we have to deal with new pandemics. Factors like globalisation, global warming and zoonoses increase risks for new large-scale virus outbreaks. Ab Osterhaus (virologist and infectious disease expert) Clémence Ross-van Dorp (ambassador top sector Life Science & Health) and Bernd van Buuren (CEO of Protinhi Therapeutics) share their expertise and discuss how we should prepare for future pandemics in this round table.

Below, you may find the slides our experts have shown during the session.

  • Early antiviral treatment opportunity
  • Protinhi actual data on dengue
  • Protinhi broad-spectrum candidates
  • Logo netwerk
  • Crusial elements for pandemic preparedness

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