Kadans Science Partner is pleased to welcome Eurofins to At The Park. A new lab facility is currently being set up on the innovative campus in Rijswijk in record time. With the 2,200 m2 that Eurofins leases, it will soon be the largest covid test lab of the Netherlands.

The lab will be operational before the end of this month. 44,000 covid tests will analyzed at the lab every day. With the available capacity, this number could even grow to 65,000 tests per day. This means it will be the lab with the largest capacity of the Netherlands. Eurofins is one of the companies hired by the Ministry of Health to reduce the waiting times of the test lanes. At the moment many tests are still being brought to a Eurofins lab in Munich, soon all these tests will be performed on the campus in Rijswijk.

Jacob Olie, Director Clinical Diagnostics Benelux: “We are proud of the new laboratory at this very suitable location and happy with the excellent cooperation with Kadans Science Partner in terms of approach, facilities and services.”

After it came to the attention Eurofins had the tests carried out in Munich, Kadans approached Eurofins and the decision was made to realize a new covid test lab at At The Park. Eurofins is already part of Kadans’ international network as Eurofins is also located in a Kadans facility on Wageningen Campus.

Eurofins also looks further into the future. Over eighty machines have been purchased for the new lab on At The Park. These can also be used for other research, such as environmental analyses or food technology. With the new location on At The Park, Eurofins also strengthens its position in the Netherlands. The multinational has eight hundred laboratories around the world, seventy of which are in the Netherlands.


At The Park

At The Park is a new innovative campus in Rijswijk. The former Shell location is currently being completely redeveloped by Kadans. With laboratories and offices for knowledge-intensive organizations, the campus is working towards a more sustainable future. With stores, restaurants and housing, Kadans also provides the Plaspoelpolder with a lively green heart. TNO, CBR and Center have already established themselves on At The Park. At The Park is part of Kadans’ European network, which stimulates international connections between companies and organizations.