Event information
Date:    Wednesday May 13
Time:   12:00 – 13:00 CEST
Where: Online

Kadans Science Partner is introducing Kadans Connected: online events for the community. To kick off Kadans is organizing an online lunch session on the topic of design thinking.

During this online session, a presentation will be given about the book “Change by Design”, which is written by the designer Tim Brown. This designer is an expert regarding entrepreneurship and innovation management. Tim Brown explains in his book why the techniques and strategies of design thinking are so important within each level of each company. Design thinking is used worldwide in more and more companies and it is a process where designers use their feelings and methods to better anticipate people’s needs. Do you want to innovate more within your job? Or maybe you have no idea on how to implement it? During this presentation Willem van de Loo will present you on behalf of Lunch Learners how you can apply the process of design thinking to each level within an organisation and your personal life.

Willem van de Loo – Student Innovation Management, Erasmus University – Lunch Learners
Tom Straeter – Senior Ecosystem Manager, Kadans Science Partner

The webinar will be in English. 
Participation is free.

This edition of Kadans Connected is powered by the Novio Tech Campus.