In order to fully relieve its tenants, Kadans Science Partner works together with various partners. For instance, various extra services are offered by organizations from our partner network on both a specific science park or campus and throughout Kadans’ international network. As of December 15, EDP Patent Attorneys is one of our ecosystem partners.

EDP’s patent attorneys are specialists in the fields of chemistry, physics, mechanical engineering and life sciences. They provide advice on patent strategy, assist in obtaining patent rights, or assist in the destruction of third-party patent rights.

Organizations of different sizes can turn to EDP, from start-ups to multinationals or knowledge institutions. Their knowledge of sectors such as energy, food and other life sciences makes EDP an interesting partner for Kadans.

“The Kadans community is a fascinating community for us,” Ard Ellens, patent attorney at EDP, says. He continues: “The short lines of communication with fellow tenants makes it easier to ask something of each other anyway, without having to pay anything in return.”

Starting December 15, EDP will hold a free walk-in consultation hour every Thursday from 10 to 11 a.m. for Kadans tenants. Tenants on the Wageningen Campus can walk into EDP’s office on the third floor of Plus Ultra. Tenants located on other campuses can contact EDP to schedule an online appointment.

With a wide range of ecosystem services, we support the continued growth and success of our tenants. For the full range of ecosystem partners and their benefits, visit our partner page.