AACHEN, 1 SEPTEMBER 2021 – As of September 1, the Science Campus in Aachen will from now on continue under the name At the Park Aachen. With this name change, Kadans Science Partner is taking a step towards creating a large international network where cooperation is being pursued between industry, universities, science parks and government.

In Aachen, Kadans Science Partner will not only come forward as the manager of the buildings, but will also fulfil the role of campus organization for its tenants. Kadans’ campuses are called At the Park. At the Park stands for innovation, entrepreneurship and sustainability. Characteristics that suit the Aachen campus and will be strengthened in the years to come. With this name change, Kadans creates unity in its campuses and At the Park Aachen becomes part of Kadans’ large, international network.

Jan Bremmer, Managing Director Germany: “We are delighted that we can now carry out this name change in Aachen. It strengthens the image in the region and offers our tenants even more possibilities for the future. In this way, At the Park Aachen really becomes part of the Kadans network”.

At the Park Aachen

“At the Park Aachen” is the campus located in northern Aachen on the Jülicher Strasse, an innovative and science-focused campus project which is under construction on the foundation walls of a monumental and landmark-listed industrial complex. At the heart of the tri-border region and close to the RWTH Aachen University. The buildings under development on the 50,000 square meter area will consist of an exclusive space for the research, development and production of future-oriented products and services, together with individualized and modern office environments.

With its attractive location and proximity to the historic city centre, the property is an ideal location both for established and younger companies. Under the direction of Kadans Science Partner, this combination of laboratories, cleanrooms, research areas, loft spaces and co-working areas produces an impressive and innovative work environment with state-of-the-art infrastructure.

The ecosystem that is growing on the campus is designed to encourage knowledge sharing and synergies between the companies located there — the perfect basis for implementing a variety of business models. Along with the ideal transport infrastructure offered by the site, our planning includes an attractive gastronomy concept as well as e-bike and car-charging stations. Furthermore, an on-site office houses the full-time professional Campus Management team as a contact for interested companies and tenants.

According to current planning this unique project, besides the buildings which are already in use, the first refurbished buildings are expected to be completed by mid of 2022.