Leak Control Benelux will be one of the first tenants who will be renting space at Kopgebouw Dordrecht. They will be renting space at the HUB location on the ground floor of the building, a great place to work and connect with the community at Dordrecht and fellow organisations at Smart Campus Leerpark.

Leak Control Benelux is a dynamic organisation that specializes in leak detection. They not only sell and rent out leak detection equipment based on a traced gas method, but also are proficient in utilizing their expertise to install said equipment and provide leak tests.

Their expertise in innovative products and services is a perfect match for the Kopgebouw, where the younger generation meets and works together with today’s technology experts. Hoge School Dordrecht will be on the fourth and fifth floor in the Kopgebouw, creating a place for students at the Leerpark to connect with our tenants and their innovations. Through this connection, the Kopgebouw will both strengthen education and business activities at the Smart Campus Leerpark.

Leak Control will officially move in on the 1st of January 2023. We wish our newest member of the Kadans community a good stay in their upcoming location.

Is your organisation looking for a nice location in Dordrecht? The Kopgebouw has still plenty of rentable space available. Visit our project page for more information.