Leiden, October 21, 2022 – We are very excited to announce one of our first tenants to Plus Ultra Leiden. Meatable, an innovative, Dutch food company, aiming to deliver, at scale cultivated meat that looks like, tastes like, and has the nutritional profile of traditional meat, has signed a lease agreement and will relocate to the full third and part of the second floor in 2023.

Since launching in 2018, Meatable has been developing and refining its process to grow cultivated meat using opti-ox™ technology. This process only needs one single cell sample that is taken from an animal harmlessly. This cell is then used to replicate the natural growth of muscle and fat to create real meat in a lab environment.

The technology will have many advantages over the farmed meat industry that we know today. First, animals need a long time to grow before they produce a sufficient amount of meat. Meatable will be able to produce the same amount in mere weeks. Also, studies show cultivated meat could reduce the meat industry’s environmental impact by up to 92%. With 14% of the world’s global emissions caused by the farmed meat industry, Meatable believes cultivated meat will be essential to combating climate change and creating a healthier planet.

With the move to Plus Ultra Leiden, Meatable will have plenty of room for their growing team of 80 experts in molecular biology, chemistry, tissue engineering, bioprocess development, food safety and food science to create the new natural meat. The relocation allows the organisation to double their laboratory and office space. Moreover, Meatable will build a large food laboratory and food and science application centre in Plus Ultra Leiden. Soon, cultivated meat can be tasted and enjoyed by innovators and fellow organisations within Plus Ultra Leiden and on the Leiden Bio Science Park.

Plus Ultra Leiden and the Leiden Bio Science Park will provide the team of Meatable with a perfect location that focuses on creating a lively community for start-ups and knowledge institutions who revolve around Life Sciences & Health and other sectors. In Leiden, Meatable expects to realize their mission to create real meat that can serve the planet’s growing appetite without harming the environment or animals.

We wish Meatable a lot of success with their amazing projects and future innovations!

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