Kadans Science Partner has high regard for sustainability when it comes to its newest developments. Our life science buildings must not only provide outstanding facilities, but also radiate and facilitate health and well-being for both our tenants as well as our environment. We develop for the long-term, which means our buildings must truly be future-proof.

One of our newest developments, Plus Ultra Utrecht, is one of these new future-proof buildings. Just recently the design was awarded a BREEAM Outstanding label by the DGBC (Dutch Green Building Council), the highest level of certification for sustainability. This makes Plus Ultra Utrecht the second multi-tenant laboratory & office building in the Netherlands that has received this title, following our own development Plus Ultra Amsterdam. We limit primary energy consumption thanks to low-energy installations and both the roof and all façades will be provided with solar panels for maximal solar energy generation.

Of course we will continue to develop a sustainable as well as comfortable work environment for the future users of Plus Ultra Utrecht and Plus Ultra Amsterdam. We look forward to seeing the first signs of Plus Ultra Utrecht arise in the upcoming months, as well as the completion of Plus Ultra Amsterdam later this year.

Want to know more about Plus Ultra Utrecht? Get in touch with Rob van Overbeek.

Wat to know more about Plus Ultra Amsterdam? Get in touch with Sjoerd Harsveldt or Ewout Spronk.