Arenberg Sciene Park, Leuven

Dynamic cluster in Leuven

High-tech and innovation in the knowledge region Leuven

Arenberg Science Park is located in Leuven and is part of the Brussels Metropolitan Area. This is the area between Antwerp, Ghent and Leuven and is also known as the Flemish Diamond. This area is economically comparable to the Randstad in the Netherlands and the Rhine-Ruhr area in Northern Germany.

Facts & figures about the Arenberg Science Park

  • 1 Building from Kadans

  • 20+ Organisations

  • 4 Knowledge institutions

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Kurt De Nil

M: +32 494 624 279 E:

Want to know more about Arenberg Science Park?

Kurt De Nil

M: +32 494 624 279 E:

Kurt De Nil M: +32 494 624 279 E:

European capital of innovation

Leuven was the European Capital of Innovation in 2020. Four major technology domains have emerged in the Leuven region in recent years, creating dynamic clusters in the areas of life sciences, nanotechnology, mechatronics & smart systems. The award recognises Leuven’s outstanding innovation concepts, as well as processes and governance models that create a framework that brings ideas to life.

KU Leuven

The Katholieke Universiteit Leuven (KUL) consistently scores high in the rankings of the best and most innovative universities in the world. KUL is a university with a wide range of faculties, with a particular focus on Biomedical Sciences, Humanities & Social Sciences. The Faculty of Biomedical Sciences is prestigious and widely known for their innovations.

KU Leuven currently has 60,600 students. 20% of the students come from abroad, underlining its international character. The university’s growth facilitates R&D (spin offs) and entrepreneurship.

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