London Innovation Centre at Canary Wharf

London Innovation Centre provides opportunities for early-stage Life science, biology and pharma organisations to gather, create and innovate in Canary Wharf’s thriving ecosystem.

The London Innovation Centre is located in the so-called ‘Golden Triangle’ of London, Oxford and Cambridge, This is one of the world’s leading concentrations of companies and research institutes in biotechnology and life sciences.

The Innovation Centre will be open and ready for occupation in Q2 2023.

Shared equipment facilities

The Innovation Centre will provide flexible, fully serviced CL2 wet-lab laboratory spaces which can range in size from 200 sq ft to 5,000+ sq ft as well as office accommodation, ancillary meeting rooms and breakout space.

The Innovation Centre also contains shared lab facilities, where leasing a single bench is also possible for organisations that don’t have a need for a big lab space yet.

The Innovation Centre benefits from access to shared equipment facilities including autoclaves, glass wash, -80 freestanding freezer and on-floor LN2 storage as well as an in-house Lab Technician to support your growth.

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For more information about available spaces in London Innovation Centre please contact Claudia Tripp

Additional information

Type of space

CL2 wet-lab, Lab space, Working space


Q3 2023


United Kingdom




Canary Wharf