Kadans welcomes another new tentant to Kennispoort.

A warm welcome for OrangeNXT on the sixth floor of Kennispoort.
After getting off to a flying start on the Prof. Dr. Dorgelolaan, it is time for OrangeNXT to spread her wings towards Kennispoort. As a daughter company of ICT Group, the company bundles profound knowledge and expertise on digital transformation in instant solutions and products. Customers take advantage of fast and efficient implementation. OrangeNXT is a software service provider in the area of Enterprise Mobility: Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence with Transportation & Logistics, Industry & Engineering, Field Service, High Tech and Health Care as primary target markets.

“We are an IT company, only different.”
– Huub van der Linden, Barbapapa and Managing Director OrangeNXT

People, devices and data
OrangeNXT views digital transformation as ‘people, devices and data’ being united in a smart way. With Internet of Things, all data generated by people, devices and other assets are being collected in real-time. With a fantastic team, OrangeNXT brings a new, fresh and fast switching company to Kennispoort. On this central location in Eindhoven, the company creates a dynamic environment for further innovation of the product portfolio.

Kadans wishes the OrangeNXT team good luck at their new location in Kennispoort.

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