Kennispoort on the Tu/e Campus

Kennispoort is located right on the edge of the TU/e Campus and is a landmark for anyone entering the campus from the city centre. Kadans Science Partner is working with TU/e to ensure that the use of Kennispoort continues to have an important link to the TU/e campus ecosystem. Because of its location and cooperation with the university campus, the building is ideally suited for scale-ups, and young companies on their way to maturity.

Kennispoort has over 8,100 m² of offices, including a large restaurant, lobby for receiving visitors and various meeting facilities, spread over 8 floors. The NS railway station is just a few minutes walk away and over 80 parking spaces are available under the building for tenants and visitors.

Want to rent an office space?

There are spaces readily available in the striking Kennispoort! Kennispoort has a prime location as the gateway to the TU/e Campus in the center of Eindhoven. A great opportunity for knowledge-intensive companies with a link to Eindhoven University of Technology to acquire a location on the campus. As a tenant of Kennispoort you will also have access to Kadans’s extensive network. Interested in an office space in Kennispoort? Then contact us directly, and we will be happy to discuss the possibilities with you.



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