Plus Ultra II on Wageningen Campus

‘Plus Ultra’ means “ever further,” in reference to the drive to keep innovating and improving. Kadans Science Partner also developed this building with this vision in mind. Plus Ultra II has 10,500 m² of laboratories, clean rooms, pilot plants, multifunctional research areas, meeting rooms, presentation areas and offices. This makes it a lot larger than Plus Ultra I. There is also an incubator function where support, innovation and development are central.

The business centre has a transparent and flexible layout and is physically linked to Plus Ultra by a footbridge. There is room for open and closed offices, various laboratories, pilot plants and other research areas. The central stairwell containing all the shared facilities contributes to stimulating encounters between the various tenants.

Want to rent office or lab space?

Plus Ultra II has its own parking garage with over 300 parking spaces, so tenants and visitors never have to walk far. There is also a private bicycle shed between the parking garage and the building. Naturally, both electric cars and electric bicycles have been considered as well.

Would you like to establish your business in one of the most modern and sustainable buildings on the Wageningen University campus? Plus Ultra II? Then please contact us. We would like to hear about your specific requirements so that we can offer you a space that suits your organisation.



Additional information


Available immediately

Number of sqm

100 – 200 m2, 200 – 500 m2

Type of space

Lab space, Pilot plant, Working space


Wageningen Campus


The Netherlands