Plus Ultra Leiden on Leiden Bio Science Park

Plus Ultra Leiden offers companies the opportunity to grow in a prominent location at the Leiden Bio Science Park. With its lively centre, Plus Ultra Leiden brings together a large group of enterprising companies, start-ups and knowledge institutions. In this way, we create a community that is entirely about Life Sciences & Health. Synergy, meetings, collaboration, and open innovation between companies are central to Plus Ultra Leiden.

The name ‘Plus Ultra’ fits seamlessly with these values. ‘Plus Ultra’ means ‘further and further’ and is a reference to the drive to keep innovating and improving.

Rent lab or office space?

Plus Ultra Leiden has about 16,000 m2 of space suitable for offices, laboratories, cleanrooms, pilot plants, conditioned rooms, multifunctional research rooms and techno halls. In addition, there are also meeting rooms and presentation rooms in the building. An incubator function has also been realized where support, innovation and development are central.

Around the central atrium is a gallery that gives access to the freely divisible floors. Each floor is free of columns and can be flexibly divided into a combination of lab spaces and offices. In this way, Kadans helps its clients to create their ideal workplace.

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> 1000 m2, 200 – 500 m2, 500 – 1000 m2, Flexible number of m2 to be determined by you

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Lab space, Office space


Leiden Bio Science Park


The Netherlands