Disruptor on the Tu/e Campus

Disruptor, formerly the MMP (MultiMediaPavilion) is located on the campus of the Eindhoven University of Technology: the TU/e Campus. This part of the campus accommodates various high tech companies and organizations.

Disruptor offers different options for high tech startups, knowledge intensive companies and R&D organizations. Disruptor was built in 1969 as the Multimedia Pavilion and consists of two floors. The total area is 4,600 m2. The business centre on the TU/e Campus is shaped like a pavilion, with offices on the outside and meeting rooms on the inside. The first floor has a courtyard with space for meetings. Disruptor primarily houses startups working on technical innovations.

Want to rent an office space?

Kadans Science Partner contributes to Disruptor’s open concept with additional services for its tenants. The building offers many opportunities for startups and growing organisations, such as flex-work spaces, large meeting rooms and classrooms. In addition, Disruptor has several office spaces, from small to large.

The flex-work spaces are located on the first floor of Disruptor, in the new startup space. These spaces offer startups the opportunity to rent their own desk for as little as 3 months within an inspiring environment with access to the Kadans Community.

Are you looking for office space in the Brainport region? If so, contact us now, and we will be happy to discuss the opportunities available within Disruptor.



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